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Toilet Fight Halloween (Mod Lots of Money) - a third-person action game dedicated to the confrontation of agents with skibidi toilets. The world is in danger once again and this time. On the eve of All Saints Day, namely Halloween, a frightening event has occurred. So players must become agents with a TV instead of a head and confront evil monsters that are a mixture of heads and toilets, and now also pumpkins in this update. The game features colorful graphics and addictive action gameplay.

Toilet Fight Halloween (Mod, Unlimited money)

Toilet Fight Halloween (Mod, Unlimited money)

Skibidi toilets spoil the party


The player must become an agent and defeat the evil monsters that are advancing all over the city and are eager to capture and destroy. Benefit protagonist can use a wide arsenal of weapons, as well as unlock new skills and abilities, and find useful items in the levels. Users can save not only the city from destruction, but also the holiday itself, because it is worth it. The action is constant and the enemies are numerous, dangerous and unpredictable. There are also huge toilets that act as powerful and cunning bosses.

Toilet Fight Halloween Version with Big Vantuzman and new skins is a fun action game for Android, in which you will have to fight insidious toilet monsters and ghosts in the spooky atmosphere of Halloween. Go through different levels, use powerful weapons and upgrades to defeat all enemies and become the winner of the toilet battle! Have fun to the fullest on this spooky night with Toilet Fight Halloween!

Destroy your enemies with everything you have

The game offers different ways of fighting and a really interesting combat system. You can use firearms, melee weapons, super suits and even a robot that you can control from inside. All this can be unlocked gradually, found and bought in the internal store, and then pumped, which strengthens the characteristics.

Mod description

Mod for a lot of money speaks for itself, it gives at the start a huge amount of local currency, namely chips, which you can pay for any items in the game. Buy anything that will make your character incredibly deadly and dangerous.

Game Features

  • Halloween atmosphere is combined with the invasion of skibilly toilets.
  • A wide arsenal of weapons and equipment.
  • A large city with colorful locations where battles will take place.
  • Detailed three-dimensional graphics with advanced visual effects.
If you want to unlock new skins or add Chips/Evil Cupcakes - Promo Codes for Toilet Fight
Toilet Fight Halloween (Mod, Unlimited money)

Download Hack! Toilet Fight Halloween (Mod, Unlimited money) Free

Toilet Fight Halloween v1.3.0 (Mod, Unlimited money).apk
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Toilet Fight Halloween v1.2.9 (Mod, Unlimited money).apk
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