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Toilet War (Unlimited Chips/no ads) - a fun action-shooter from the third person, in which the protagonist has to defeat all the skibidi toilets in the city, thus saving it from the brutal invasion of these toilet monsters. Play as an agent with a TV set instead of a head and a fancy cape, who has to defeat all the toilets and save everything around him. The emphasis is on action, but the plot also takes place.

Skibidi toilets are coming


The game belongs to a new genre of action and shooters, in which instead of traditional opponents are so-called skibidi toilets. These are strange creatures, heads, which are joined with toilets and can move on the rays of the city, attack their innocent victims. Thankfully, the protagonist has deadly skills that will put an end to this grim and creepy invasion.

Battles not for life, but for death

The game is dedicated to battles against unitask monsters, which are quite action-packed. So, as an arsenal is used mostly small arms, in particular, machine guns, rifles, machine guns and much more, everything you can find or buy. Guns can be improved, and not only in terms of characteristics, but there is also an opportunity to pick up skins to change the look.

Chips of the mod

Mod Unlimited Chips and disabling advertising does exactly what is written out in the name. First of all, it gives you the opportunity to get a huge amount of internal currency, which will allow you to buy everything in the game. Mod w on disabling advertising will make gameplay smooth, as will not pop up annoying ads that interfere with the passage.

Game Features

  • The plot is about the invasion of skibidi monsters in the city, and only an agent can defeat them all.
  • Variety of gameplay, shootouts in different locations, as well as a variety of enemies and approach to their destruction.
  • The use of a wide arsenal of weapons and improving the guns for yourself.
  • Enjoyable three-dimensional graphics with detailed character animation.
As you improve your character, the money increases.
Toilet War (Mod, Unlimited Chips/no ads)

Download Hack! Toilet War (Mod, Unlimited Chips/no ads) Free

Toilet War (Mod: Unlimited Chips/no ads) v1.6.apk
Размер: 527.84 Mb,
Toilet War (Mod: Unlimited Chips/no ads) v1.5.apk
Размер: 765.27 Mb,


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