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Toilet Laboratory is a tactical action game in the genre of confronting cameramen and skibidi toilets. This time you need to play exactly for the monsters, and defeat all the agents, thus taking over the city. The player needs to pass levels, clean up neighborhoods and defeat kameromen, which is very dangerous. They can use weapons and move fast, but the skibidi toilets are not easy either. The player will be able to create his own characters, choose them different settings, armor and effects that will be like weapons. Sometimes you can even use a powerful exoskeleton and other chips.

Defeat all agents

Skibidi monsters can be of different kinds and variants. Each has its own size and different skills that can be used. Levels offer elaborate structure and the ability to create tactical battles. Users will be able to use not only their hero, but also squads, which is akin to action and tactical strategy. As you progress, you can unlock various new abilities, characters, and much more content. The game offers a unique user experience, as it gives you the opportunity to play as monsters, which is quite rare in this universe of games. The graphics are very detailed and fully three-dimensional, making for a fully immersive experience.

Game Features

  • Create your own skibidi toilets. Monster design editor with the ability to deeply customize different parameters.
  • Creating action and tactics in battles on a variety of levels.
  • Character upgrading and unlocking new toilets that can be used in battles.
  • High-quality graphics, including the elaboration of all the small details and smooth, but wacky animation.
  • Convenient control, which can be quickly mastered, the same about the user interface.
Toilet Laboratory (Full Version)

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Toilet Laboratory v1.0.02.apk
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