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Car Simulator 2 (Unlimited Money/All Open) - driving simulator. The game is one of the most realistic car simulators, which gives you the opportunity to feel the realism in the management and driving auto on the streets of the city. Is given completely world, different automobile tasks and much more. Everything happens in the open world with hundreds of kilometers of roads on which there is traffic, traffic lights, as well as various automotive tasks, for money.

Car World

The player acts as a driver, who is going to participate in various races, as well as just work as a driver, running errands. One can be a cab driver, a courier, participate in races and much more. For everything, you can get money that you have something to spend on. Besides the obvious buying cars, you can buy garages in different parts of the city and even real estate to live in, including houses and apartments.

Realism in everything

Driving is detailed to the smallest detail, the behavior is influenced by different factors, and to move you need to take into account the clutch, gearshift, etc., not just the gas, brake and steering wheel, as in most similar games. The game features dozens of cars copied from real models, and all of them can be improved and tuned externally. Not only traffic, but also police are working on the streets, so you need to follow the traffic rules, otherwise you can get a fine.

Mod Features

To facilitate the passage, a modification is installed, which opens all content and makes the money infinite. Thus, you can buy any cars, real estate and pump all the cars at your discretion.

Game Features

  • Open city to explore with hundreds of kilometers of roads and tracks.
  • Dozens of car controls with detailed driving physics.
  • A variety of tasks, quests and errands.
  • Elaborate graphics, change between first and third person view.
Cheat mod description:.
  • Infinite money and blueprints;
  • You can unlock all content by clicking the Unlock All button in the store (no need to perform tasks);
  • Free purchases for real money (you need internet and authorization in Google services, if prices are not loaded and items are not bought, then completely stop the game, delete Play Market data (you will not have to enter again) and restart the game).
Car Simulator 2 (MOD: Unlimited Money)

Download Car Hacking Simulator 2 [Mod Unlimited Money/All Open] for Android

Car Simulator 2 v1.51.5.xapk
Размер: 542.16 Mb,
Car Simulator 2 (MOD: Unlimited Money/All Open) v1.50.36.apk
Размер: 512.96 Mb,


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