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Toilet Fight (Hack Many Chips) - action with fun humor, where the focus is divided on battles with monsters and enemies from toilets. In the city scattered mysterious toilets, where different creatures live, and you need to explore the locations, gradually defeating all enemies in close and distant combat. The protagonist is a simple agent who is forced to become the savior of the city, and maybe the whole world around. The game features a variety of urban locations, and the game itself is a third-person view.

The gameplay is all about defeating toilets and everything that tries to come out of them, be it aliens, mutants or just big heads of strange characters. The game utilizes fully three-dimensional graphics, which will allow you to inspect every element of the environment from every angle. There is a modification built into the game that adds a lot of chips, the local currency.

Game Features

  • Absurd, but fun story with trademark humor.
  • A variety of colorful levels, particularly the streets and nooks of the elaborate city.
  • Battles with toilet monsters and other strange creatures, straight from the toilets.
  • Dozens of items like weapons and equipment to unlock and purchase.
  • Built-in mod for chips, which will make it easier to pass and unlock content.
Mod with 3 cheats!
  • A lot of money.
  • A lot of chips.
  • No ads.
Toilet Fight (MOD, Free purchase)

Download Hack! Toilet Fight (MOD, Free purchase) Free

Toilet Fight (Mod: Free purchase) v1.3.0.apk
Размер: 279.69 Mb,
Toilet Fight (Original) v1.3.0.apk
Размер: 303.82 Mb,
Toilet Fight (Mod: Free purchase) v1.2.9.apk
Размер: 306.36 Mb,
Toilet Fight (Mod: Free purchase) v1.2.7.apk
Размер: 291.73 Mb,
Toilet Fight (Mod: Free purchase) v1.2.6.apk
Размер: 236.46 Mb,
Toilet Fight Halloween (Mod: Free purchase) v1.2.6
Toilet Fight: Open World (Mod: Free purchase) v1.1.5.apk
Размер: 176.77 Mb,
Toilet Fight v1.1.5.apk
Размер: 164.11 Mb,
Toilet Fight (Mod: Free purchase) v1.0.9.apk
Размер: 112.71 Mb,
Version 1.3.1 MOD is on the way!, we are waiting until they hack, while subscribe for updates


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