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Drive Ahead! mod - arcade racing with mini-car battles with interesting tasks. A game with fairly simple graphics, but with good features. The graphics of the game brings back memories of the games of the 2000s - the game consists of many pixels, just like the old games. The game has created many original and unusual models of cars – from trucks and cars from Formula 1 to alien designs. The game amazes the imagination with its ideas and levels. Also in the game there are many tournaments with interesting and exciting tasks to complete them.

In the game, you can arrange a fight between cars, breaking the transport into parts. There are also various bright arenas for fighting – there are more than a dozen of them! To open new arenas and stages, you need to play a gambling casino. In Drive Ahead! built-in ability to play with friends from two devices via Wi-Fi.

Developers have created several variants of the game:

  • Single player game. Your victory depends only on you and your intelligence.
  • Duel. Try to win an equal battle and find out who is cooler.
  • The king of the mountain. Smash all the rivals and become the king.

Choose your favorite option and play! Don't know what to choose? Choose a random duel and play on an unexpected map. There are deadly traps and other dangers on the cards that will not allow you to run away from your opponent. Why can't you hide from the enemy yet? After a certain time after the start of the game, the arena begins to replenish with water and the car can simply flood. For the same purposes, sometimes huge saws go to the arena, which strive to cut the car into many parts. In addition, trampolines, swings and dead loops are placed in the arenas.

Pros of the hacked game Drive Ahead!:

  • Everything is available, everything is open! and not what kind of advertising
  • A lot of money is already at the start
  • Dynamic management;
  • The ability to play with friends;
  • The ability to make a random selection of cars and arenas;
  • Multiple mode selection;
  • Various tasks;
Drive Ahead! (MOD, Damage, God Mode, Dumb Enemy)

Download Hack! Drive Ahead! (MOD, Damage, God Mode, Dumb Enemy) Free

Download Drive Ahead! v4.8.1 (Mod: Dumb enemies/Free craft).apk
Размер: 481.51 Mb,
Download Drive Ahead! v4.2.1 (Mod: Dumb enemies/Free craft).apk
Размер: 436.95 Mb,
Download Drive Ahead! 4.2.1 (Mega MOD MENU 1).apk
Размер: 422.96 Mb,
Download Drive Ahead! 4.2.1 (MOD MENU 2).apk
Размер: 422.62 Mb,


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