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Stardew Valley (Mod Unlimited Money/Stamina!) is a simulator of farmer and rural life, with role-playing elements. Users control a character who inherits an old farm from his grandfather. Gameplay focuses on various aspects of farm life such as growing crops, raising livestock, fishing, mining and socializing with other characters in the Stardew Valley. The world is open to explore there are changing times of day and weather conditions, and even seasons, and all of these affect the gameplay.

Game Features

  • Freedom of action, allowing you to develop your farm as you see fit
  • Character development with the ability to improve skills
  • Interacting with a variety of characters and completing tasks
  • Exploring different locations and discovering new areas
  • A variety of activities including fishing, mining and crafting
  • An open world to explore with a variety of landscapes and natural areas.
  • Dozens of plant and animal species that can be grown and bred.
  • Colorful pixel graphics with a retro style.
  • Sophisticated user interface and user-friendly controls.
# Жанр: indi / Paid / Casual / Crafting / Simulation / rpg / Farm / Stylized / Pixel / Top-down
What's on the menu mod
  • Infinite money and stamina;
  • Ingredients are not wasted when crafting;
  • You can craft the maximum number of items at one time, regardless of the number of ingredients;
  • You can craft all items, even those for which you do not have enough resources;
  • Item multiplication is done as follows:
  • Click on the item you want to breed in your inventory (a red box will appear around it);
  • Click on an empty space in your inventory. Individual items (e.g. tools) will be split into two, and the number of other
  • items will be maxed out (e.g. there will be 999 items after dragging the 1st fiber).
Stardew Valley (Mod, Unlimited Money/Stamina)

Download Stardew Valley (Mod, Unlimited Money/Stamina) Free

Stardew Valley (Mod, Unlimited Money/Stamina) v1.5.6.52
Размер: 373 Mb


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