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Toilet Fight: Police vs Zombie is an arcade and fun action game, in which you need to save the city from the invasion of toilet zombies. The game competently combines cheerful action and elements of defensive strategy. Evil toilets have filled the city, and because of this there are bloodthirsty zombies that need to fight back at any cost. The protagonist can use various small arms, bombs, grenade launchers, put defense and protective structures and much more, all that helps in destroying hordes of toilet zombies, which can go dozens, and sometimes hundreds. Enemies are of several varieties, they have different strength and speed, and there are bosses, who are not so easy to defeat, and of course all of them are connected with toilets, which gives the strangeness of their appearance.

Game Features

  • Short levels that are full of action and danger, but the passage will take a few minutes.
  • Bloodthirsty toilet zombies, as well as powerful bosses, who are not to be trifled with.
  • Dozens of types of weapons and equipment, and it will obviously come in handy in battles.
  • Structures and defensive towers, which gives elements of strategy to the passage.
  • Colorful two-dimensional graphics with a top view, as well as smooth and elaborate animation.
Toilet Fight: Police vs Zombie (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Fight in the Toilet: Police vs Zombies (Mod) Hack! for Android

Toilet Fight: Police vs Zombie (Mod) v1.0.6.apk
Размер: 68.84 Mb,


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