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Shadow Fight 3 (MOD, Range Attack Mode) - the third installment of the best fighting game series for mobile platforms Shadow Fight 3. Compared to the parts that came, Shadow Fight 3 has a key difference, namely fully three-dimensional elaborate graphics. The game features a story campaign inspired by Eastern myths, and the arenas, characters and fights themselves take place with an Asian flavor. In addition to the story, players will be able to take part in customizable battles, as well as online battles. The latter have a competitive element, there are whole tournaments and factions. With all the innovations, the chips of the game remained in place, namely dynamic elaborated combat with precise control.

Game Features
  • Hacked version, without ads and with the mod "Lots of money and diamonds + maximum level".
  • Extensive single player story campaign.
  • Multiplayer battles.
  • Creation and customization of your own character, choice of equipment and weaponry.
  • Dynamic combat system with dozens of types of blows, jumps, moves and more.
  • 3 factions to choose from, and each has unique fighting styles that change the feel of the character and his behavior in the arena.
  • Mesmerizing 3D graphics and animations created with motion capture.
.Features of the mod:
  • Hacked version - Cheat Infinite money and crystals
  • Characters are pumped to the maximum level
  • Added freeze target (just stands still)
  • Opened quick win (round will be over before the battle starts)
  • Gained high damage (killing any enemy with one simple blow)
Working Shadow Fight 3 promo codes

By entering them, you can get various bonuses that will make it easier to fight with your opponents and allow you to learn killing moves faster:

  • UF57-HYFE
What Cheats are available from the menu:
  • Full, hacked version of the game
  • Lots of money and diamonds
  • Unlocked the ability to get an easy victory
  • Your opponent will hang in the air
Shadow Fight 3 (MOD, Range Attack Mode)

Download hacked Shadow Fight 3 [Mod, Range Attack Mode] for Android

Shadow Fight 3 v1.38.1 (Mod: Range Attack Mode).apk
Размер: 201.11 Mb,
Shadow Fight 3 v1.38.1.xapk
Размер: 196.08 Mb,
Shadow Fight 3 v1.37.2 (Mod: Range Attack Mode).apk
Размер: 200.18 Mb,
Shadow Fight 3 v1.37.1 (Mod: Range Attack Mode).apk
Размер: 199.05 Mb,
Shadow Fight 3 v1.36.0 (Mod: Range Attack Mode).apk
Размер: 192.75 Mb,
Shadow Fight 3 v1.35.1 (Mod: Range Attack Mode).apk
Размер: 181.93 Mb,


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