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Shadow Fight 2 (Mod, Unlimited Money) is a side-scrolling fighting game dedicated to Eastern culture and martial arts. The game is the second installment of the series, offers a new story in the same setting, and a more detailed and elaborate combat system. Everyone is in an unusual world, and after being infiltrated by shadows, many living creatures have become mere silhouettes of their former selves, and the protagonist, among others. He must beat many opponents on the way to save himself and the whole world.

The game has an elaborate combat system with a variety of kicks, combinations, somersaults and flips that can be combined with each other. There is the use of hands and feet, as well as cold weapons. Opponents also differ in actions and weapons, as well as special techniques. Not only single-player game is present, but also multiplayer mode.

You can download not only the original Shadow Fight 2 game on Android, but also the hack for money and diamonds to get an advantage in battles and bend bosses.

Game Features

  • Fighting in the shadow style, with an unusual graphical style.
  • Pumping up the main character, new primes and strikes, weapons, equipment elements and much more.
  • Diverse and multifaceted combat system, while with simple touchscreen controls.
  • Single-player modes, including both story and multiplayer.

Updated mod version: hack for money and crystals + fast level 52

Самый сложный босс (демон) в игре

Shadow Fight 2 (Mod All Open, Fast Level 999)

Download Hack! Shadow Fight 2 (Mod All Open, Fast Level 999) Free

Shadow Fight 2 v2.36.0 (Original).apk
Размер: 152.42 Mb,
Shadow Fight 2 v2.36.1 (Mod: Unlimited Money).apk
Размер: 154.42 Mb,


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