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🐓 Chicken Gun (Mod by Larry Hacker) - modification of the popular multiplayer first-person shooter, where instead of the usual soldiers, the main characters are huge chickens. You will have access to unique features, cheats and hacks, which are not in the original version of the game. Otherwise, this is a classic session shooter from the first person, where you need to participate in shootouts on various maps. The game features hundreds of weapons and equipment items, as well as chicken outfits to play with.

You can change the appearance of the characters to your liking. The game features a variety of modes, such as team battle, every man for himself, capture the flag, battles with vehicles, various non-combat modes and much more. The game is constantly updated and growing, offering all new chips for any player. The game is built with a cheat mod menu that will allow you to add advantage to the game, unlock items and more. This will make battles easier, but it should be used wisely.

Game Features

  • Dozens of maps and locations in multiple game modes.
  • Controllable human-sized pitties and chickens that can and should be accessorized.
  • Drive-by and quick firefights with the use of a wide arsenal of weapons.
  • Colorful three-dimensional graphics and bright colors.
  • Built-in cheater mod with a wide range of possibilities.

Mod Features:

The best mod on Chicken Gun by Larry Hacker. Adds a cheat menu in the upper left corner of the game with a huge amount of cheats (170+):

    • - Unlimited money.
    • - Unlimited level (cheat for experience).
    • - Remove ads.
    • - Open everything (opens everything in the game: weapons, skins, cars...).
    • - God Mode (God Mode - immortality, invulnerability).
    • - Many lives.
    • - Wallhack (Wallhack - you can pass through walls).
    • - Antikik (2 modes, you can not get a ban).
    • - Speedhach (speed cheats).
    • - Inf Jetpack (infinite jetpack).
    • - Invisibility.
    • - Customize the colors of the interface.
    • - Fly (you can fly and customize the flight mode).
    • - Teleport (multiple modes).
    • - Speed | Speed (additional speed cheats).
    • - Walk through the air.
    • - Team Kill (killing allies).
    • - Change the size and positions of all players.
    • - Horror skin.
    • - Spamchat.
    • - Kill all the players.
    • - Turn off all fire.
    • - Turn on flight mode for everyone.
    • - Cheats for Monsters (you can add monsters, make them immortal, change size, speed, damage, clone).
    • - Cheats for vehicles and vehicles (immortality, passing through walls, acceleration, mass scale).
    • - Weapons break through walls.
    • - Aim (Aim cheat - auto aiming at the head).
    • - Killing with a single blow.
    • - Rapid fire.
    • - Change any weapon in the battle.
    • - Infinite ammo.
    • - Infinite grenades.
    • - Automatic shooting.
    • - Automatic kill one selected player.
    • - Unlock Huggy Wuggy and siren.
    • - Map cheats (removes textures, black sky, colors, HorrorMap).
    • - Chams (lots of customization of Chams).
    • - Morph (you can play as a monster).
    • - Spavn objects.
    • - Cheats for construction.
    • - And other.
Chicken Gun (Mod Menu by Lary Hacker)

Download Hack! Chicken Gun (Mod Menu by Lary Hacker) Free

Download Chicken Gun v3.4.0 Mega MOD Menu (by Larry Hacker)
Размер: 282.14 Mb,
Polar Patcher v3 (for v3.9.02 - 4.0.2).apk
Размер: 5.89 Mb,
Polar Patcher is a Larry Hacker patch that is put on the original version of the game and opens the Cheat Menu with all the features!


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