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Gacha Club with mod 18+ (uncensored) is a role-playing adventure with elements of a life simulator, but only for adults. You will have to play for cute characters drawn in a cartoon style with anime elements. There are 10 characters available for the game initially, and there are also 90 additional heroes. Everything happens in nightclubs and on dance stages, as well as at school and some other places. The player will have to show himself, and sometimes fight with different villains and opponents, passing the tower of tests. There are pumping skills and abilities, changing outfits and items, and you can even use weapons in battles. The game offers several single-player modes, including a storyline.

Game Features Gacha Club 18+

  • Naked characters appeared =)
  • A role-playing adventure with a fascinating plot.
  • Bright heroes, the presence of 10 controllable characters.
  • Hundreds of items, clothes and weapons.
  • A story game, and a tower of trials.
  • Casual mini-games of several genres.
# Жанр: Adventure / rpg / Mod / 18 / Singleplayer / Offline / anime / Small
Gacha Club 18+ Sexy Mod

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gacha-club v2.1 (Sexy Mod 18+).apk
Размер: 203.86 Mb,
gacha-club v1.1.0 (mod 18+).apk
Размер: 99.8 Mb,


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