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Gacha Want is a Gacha Club mod that allows you to create unique anime characters. Multiplayer battles are held between players as part of regular events. They accelerate the development of a team of players. Users can unite into separate clans, competing with individual players or entire associations. The Gacha Want mod contains several additions that are already found in the Anime Gacha and Gacha World projects. Gacha Want has a detailed editor that allows you to create a unique character. To make it truly unique, the developers have thought through a flexible system of customization of facial features, selection of accessories and clothing, weapons and equipment. To retain the audience, the creators have implemented a lot of mini-games to play together with the hero. The most popular arena is for single battles.


  • deep customization of the game character in all parameters, starting with facial features and ending with clothing accessories;
  • four mini-games in multiplayer mode;
  • the ability to fight with other players in the arena;
  • customization of a game character without an internet connection.
Gacha Want

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