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Gacha Club - RPG with elements of party game in the style of Anime, consists of mini games. Gameplay will tell about a group of young people who spend time in nightclubs, and along the way can participate in dangerous confrontations. Play for 10 characters, and each pick up a look, weapons, equipment, clothing, hairstyles and even a pet. There are dozens of pets, and all of them differ in a number of parameters and can fulfill not only decorative function. In addition to battles with other characters, there are various mini-games in casual and arcade style.

Game Features

  • Fascinating storyline, as well as tower trials and other game modes.
  • Ten characters, and all their own chips and features.
  • Hundreds of types of items and jewelry.
  • Dozens of pets you can have.
  • Drawing graphics in the style of two-dimensional cartoons.
  • Mini arcade games.
Gacha Club

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