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Tanks Blitz - PVP Battles is a third-person arcade tank action game. Players will have to fight in multiplayer battles 7 on 7. Presented more than 400 models of tanks from World War II and later years of production from dozens of countries around the world. Combat vehicles are realistic in appearance, behavior and armament. In addition, the tanks can be pumped, put new weapons and dodgers, as well as teach the crew new skills. The battles themselves take place on large maps, where there is room for tactical actions, but at the same time the game is not slow. To multiplayer battles, a social element has been added, such as clans and clan wars, as well as socializing with other players.

Game Features
  • Tactical but intense battles on armored vehicles, mainly tanks.
  • Hundreds of tank varieties and all unique in characteristics.
  • Dozens of maps and locations for battles.
  • Detailed graphics.
Tanks Blitz - PVP Battles

Download Tanks Blitz - PVP Battles Free

Tanks Blitz - PVP Battles v11.0.0.248
Размер: 241 Mb


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