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The game World of Tanks Blitz is fully adapted for Android devices. The main goal is the total destruction of the tank army of opponents. The storyline is closely intertwined with the events of World War II. Battles will take place not only on the usual spacious locations, but also affected historical sites. World of Tanks Blitz - is a mobile MMO-action, in which the duties of gamers are distributed based on the choice of tank class. There are three types of iron machines.

  • Light. Extremely fast moving, small size and low damage.
  • Medium. Combine decent damage and excellent movement speed.
  • Anti-tank self-propelled artillery units are a huge machine for extermination of enemies. Their slowness is more than compensated for by their high firepower.

The gamer has more than 90 units of tracked vehicles at his disposal. The tank models correspond to the original prototypes, which will delight fans of war times.

The advantages of WoT Blitz:

  • Convenient control, customized for touch screens.
  • Steel fighters produced in the USSR, USA and Germany.
  • Dynamic battles on the network.
  • Ability to play with friends.

Information about the mod (Hack):
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World of Tanks Blitz (MOD, Unlimited money,Gold)

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Размер: 212.27 Mb,
World of Tanks Blitz v10.6.0.671 (Mod: Unlimited money and gold).apk
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