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Now you can play tanks on your phone! World of Tanks Blitz - the game has been optimized for mobile devices. Have grandiose and great battles, destroy your enemies and capture enemy bases! As in the main game on the PC, you will be available for purchase hundreds of tanks, both ordinary and known from the history of World War II! Each tank has its own features and characteristics. Try to unlock them all and smash your opponents. The more battles you have fought, the more money and experience per battle, which means more opportunities to buy improvements on an old tank or buy a new one.

There are a huge number of maps available in the game, each with its own terrain, buildings and features. At the beginning of the battle, the map where the battle takes place is chosen completely randomly - you can never guess what will fall out this time! The developers of the game, as always, tried for the fans of World of Tanks, and therefore in World of Tanks Blitz you can see the result of the work of the game drawers - high-quality rendering of tanks and their details. The panorama of the map makes the player stare at the beauty of the terrain - every detail is drawn perfectly, in the smallest detail you can see even the blades of grass under the tank! Isn't that what sinks into the hearts of players?

Also a plus of this game has always been and still is the equality between regular players and players with connected VIP. The difference between the computer version and the mobile version is that in tanks the battle is not 15 VS 15 people, but only 7 VS 7. When downloading the game it is worth considering that the account of the PC game and this game will be different, that is, you can not transfer the achievements and results of the game from the PC to the phone - you will have to achieve all over again. You should play World of Tanks Blitz only if you have an Internet connection, and it must be high-speed, otherwise the game will "hang".

Download World of Tanks Blitz on android for free without registration you can from our site, on the green button below.

World of Tanks Blitz

Download World of Tanks Blitz Free

World of Tanks Blitz v11.1.0.462
Размер: 228.8 Mb


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