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Secret Neighbour is a child-friendly action horror game about children. The plot is that a certain neighbour has kidnapped a child and is keeping him in the basement. The child's friends have to get together to save the poor guy. But there is always a traitor among them... After working with other players, you will have to enter the house where the local kidnapper lives. He has already managed to hide one of them in the cellar. But the key to the cellar is oh-so-secretly hidden. "Where?" - That's what we need to find out.

To find out where the kidnapper has hidden the key, you must:

  • Explore every corner of the house as quietly and quickly as possible;
  • Avoid the traps set here and there;
  • Find out who among the players is an imposter;
  • memorise where the traps, secret passages, pitfalls and so on are hidden;

It's also a good idea to learn how to hide from your neighbour or, if you get caught in his clutches, how to wait patiently for rescue. And rescuers need to move their brains, arms and legs as quickly as possible to be rescued in time.

In a calm state, the neighbour walks extremely slowly. If you do not want to wait for him to pass the section that leads to where you need to go, you can distract him. For example, drop an object on the ground. Or use another player as bait. And while your neighbour is distracted, the passage will be free.
Secret Neighbor

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