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Dark Riddle (Unlimited Money) is a puzzle and first-person horror game in which you have to find out the secrets of a creepy neighbor and get to know the other inhabitants of this crazy town. The neighbor hides bloody secrets and the protagonist, being a teenager, will be able to uncover them. The town is full of events, colorful characters and complex puzzles.

What is the neighbor hiding?


The protagonist has long suspected his neighbor of something terrible and has watched him from afar doing suspicious things. Now he decides to sneak into his house to find out what he can. It turns out that his house is full of locked doors, traps, riddles, and puzzles. The neighbor himself hangs out in his rooms, but sometimes he goes out into the city.

Solve puzzles, explore and escape

The game features a small game world that is open for exploration. There are opportunities to visit not only the villain's house, but also other buildings, run on rooftops and visit interesting places. The game has a lot of tasks, you can solve puzzles, search for items, perform various quests and errands, run. Jump and learn the secrets. Sometimes there are elements of horror, when you need to get into forbidden rooms, then you need to hide from the insidious neighbor. He can catch up with the player and even kill him if necessary.

Features of the Mod

The mod for a lot of money allows you to buy all the items in the game. These can be different solutions to puzzles. Cupboard items and much more, including new story levels. This will help you to buy everything in the game for free.

Game Features

  • Fascinating story with unexpected twists and suspense as you progress.
  • Thoughtful levels with a variety of puzzles and riddles.
  • Elements of horror and gore, as well as invincible enemies.
  • Detailed three-dimensional cartoon-style graphics.
  • Comfortable controls and simple interface.
Mod menu info:
  • Neighbor Cant See Player
  • Unlimited Money
  • All Skins Houses Purchased
  • No Ads Purchased
Dark Riddle (Mod, Unlimited Money, Unlocked Skins)

Download Hack! Dark Riddle (Mod, Unlimited Money, Unlocked Skins) Free

Dark Riddle v24.9.0 (Оригинал).apk
Размер: 231.26 Mb,
Dark Riddle v24.10.0 (Мод, Много Денег).apk
Размер: 658.66 Mb,


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