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NS2 Underground Hack (Nitro Purchased) - arcade car race dedicated to street racing. Everything takes place in the open city, where various racing competitions and trials are carried out. The world of street racing is full of adrenaline, and the game will allow you to immerse yourself in it and become the greatest racer in this metropolis.

Full drive on the streets of the night city


The game will allow you to explore a large world, at every intersection and traffic lights of which you can start a race against computer rivals. These races can be of different modes, and all of them with their own rules and chips. As you win races. Opens the opportunity to acquire new cars, as well as regions of the city and more. The city lives its own life, as there is traffic, police and the like, which can be observed, which also affects gameplay.

Cool Cars and Fast Driving

The game features many dozens of modern speed cars, which are based on real models and have similar characteristics. Players will be able to buy cars with the money they win, tuning them and then go to win on the streets of the city. All cars can be destroyed in collisions, which can complicate driving, and just banal you can smash the car to complete destruction.

Nitro mod


The game has a mod that provides infinite nitro for all cars, which will allow you to get extra speed and acceleration in races. This will allow you to win even the most difficult races, and to do so without much difficulty.

Game Features

  • Adrenaline-pumping street races with fast sports cars.
  • Hundreds of races in several game modes and other challenges.
  • Dozens of cars for purchase and further pumping.
  • Detailed three-dimensional graphics to fully convey the high speeds in the ride.
NS2: Underground (Mod, Nitro Purchased, No Ads)

Download NS2: Underground (Mod, Nitro Purchased, No Ads) Free

NS2: Underground (Mod, Nitro Purchased, No Ads) v0.6.8
Размер: 109.53 Mb


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