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Russian Cars Simulator is a car simulator dedicated to city driving with Russian cars. The game is characterized by a high level of car detail, detailed driving physics, as well as an open world with live traffic on the roads, traffic lights, traffic rules and much more. The game fully immerses you in traffic and driving on the streets of familiar Russian cities.

The most realistic driving experience on smartphones


The game features dozens of real cars from various brands, which are faithfully recreated. Players will be able to see not only the exterior of the car, but also the interior, which can be viewed from a first-person perspective, and many elements there are interactive. The windshield wipers, steering wheel, windows, transmission, pedals and some other buttons are pressed and react correctly.

The driving physics and controls are also believable, with many factors taken into account. There are several control options, from the most detailed to arcade, so that every player will find the right one for him.

All the cars in this game look very realistic and cool! You can choose the color of your car and also change its appearance with different stickers and accessories.

A city full of activities


The game shows a large city with pedestrians, police and of course cars of all kinds. Everyone around reacts to the player's actions, including drivers, pedestrians, and police officers. You can break and smash your car and so on. There are many variations of events and tasks based on transporting goods, people, racing and much more.

Mod Features

The game can offer a mod where everything is open source, including all locations and vehicles, as well as modifications to them. This will allow you to get everything right from the start.

Game Features

[List] [Detailed and open to explore the city with traffic and pedestrians. [Dozens of cars of different types and all Russian brands. [Dozens of different driving tasks, including races. [Advanced physics of driving a car and its behavior on the road.
Hack: Money mod / Ads removed / All open
RussianCar: Simulator (MOD, Unlocked)

Download Hack! RussianCar: Simulator (MOD, Unlocked) Free

Russian Cars Simulator v1.8 (Mod Unlocked).apk
Размер: 77.88 Mb,
Russian Cars Simulator v1.10 (Оригинал).apk
Размер: 109.43 Mb,


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