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The new TikTok on android is an app for creative individuals that allows you to create short videos, share them with your friends and enjoy a lot of interesting content from users around the world.

With TikTok, you can express your personality, showcase your talents and skills, share moments from your life, or simply explore new trends and styles on the web. And with video editing capabilities, you can easily create new and original content.

With the in-app feed, you can easily keep track of news and trends, learn about planned events or promotions, and enter contests created just for app users.

In addition, TikTok makes it easy to find like-minded people and communicate with other users from different countries, with different interests and professions. You can follow your favorite authors and spend a lot of time on the TikTok app watching popular videos and expanding your horizons.

It's easy to guess that by launching the TikTok app, you will leave those around you in awe of your unique creativity. Enjoy a unique video creation experience with TikTok and share it with the world on Android. Download the TikTok app on Android and discover an endless sea of possibilities for creativity and fun!

# Жанр: App / Social

Download TikTok Free

TikTok v35.6.3.apk
Размер: 376.95 Mb,
TikTok Lite v34.1.2.apk
Размер: 25.71 Mb,
TikTok v12.2.43.0 for Android ТВ 5.0+.apk
Размер: 64.6 Mb,


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