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TikTok 18 Plus (18+) is a modified version of the most popular service for creating, publishing and watching short videos. Unlike the original, this app is dedicated to adult content, and users can publish short videos with nudity and other footage. Also, unlike the original site, here the video limit is not made at one minute, the limit is slightly higher. Otherwise everything is similar, can post videos, watch other people's videos, subscribe to content and more.

The interface doesn't exactly copy the original, but the overall style is retained, but there is a definite difference in the details. Videos are designed for vertical viewing, and have high quality and resolution. A quick flip down will allow you to include instantly the next video in the shortest possible time. Algorithms select similar videos that the user prefers. The app takes up little space in your device's memory and doesn't clog up the cache.

# Жанр: App / Social
Get access to 18+ erotic content
TikTok 18 Plus

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