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Roblox is a platform that allows you to play and create games with internal tools. Currently there are more than 30 million games of different levels, genres and directions available on the platform. It can be single-player and multiplayer games, paid and free, quests, horrors, races, fights, shooters and everything else. The choice is so limitless that the user can find what he likes.

Not only the game, but also the social network

The platform allows you to create your own character, which can be given a nickname, a look, accessories and other items. This will make your character unique and you will be able to acquire new clothes and other items later on. It is also possible to find friends with whom you can start playing, chat, exchange items and even trade.

Millions of games for every taste

Date platform opportunity to use own engine to create games and objects, and then publish them. However, most players do not come to create, but rather to play. So the start screen shows the most popular and popular games in each genre, but there are less visible, which can be found in the search for categories, titles and the like. Despite the variety in gameplay, the graphics are all organic style and visual. So, graphics are a combination of cubic minimalist style and detailed textures, and some environmental objects.

Game Features

  • A platform for creating and publishing games of any genre.
  • Millions of games you can play for free, and some you have to buy.
  • Colorful minimalist 3D graphics and advanced physics.
  • Advanced social features, the ability to chat, make friends and create a character.

Download Roblox Free

Roblox v2.633.513
Размер: 178.8 Mb


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