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Last Play is a three-dimensional sandbox with advanced physics, destruction and unlimited possibilities. The game allows you to experiment with the physics of bodies, explosions and destruction, forcing different objects to interact with each other. You can create your own scenarios with different actions and events and then watch the strange and sometimes crazy consequences. The game offers a wide range of creative possibilities with simple tools and hundreds of objects and characters.

Physics, destruction and experimentation

There are multiple levels and locations in the game. Hundreds of objects from a large library can be placed on them. Most of them can be destroyed, while some are static and serve as decoration. You can also use characters with detailed rag doll physics. They can be different people, aliens, zombies and other creatures. You can give them equipment, weapons, control your heroes or just watch them fighting each other. All this should be added to the spectacle as the destructiveness, explosions, gunshots and other visual features give the right atmosphere.

Mod info

To open new items, effects, maps and other content, you need internal game money. And this mod adds an infinite number of them, which will open any game content almost instantly. This allows you to jump right into the sandbox.

Game Features

  • Advanced physics engine, all objects and characters interact with each other.
  • Detailed graphics and animations, with fully 3D environmental elements.
  • Hundreds of items you can map and use as you wish.
  • Convenient tools for managing extensive game features.
Last Play (Mod, Free purchase)

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Last Play
Размер: 191.06 Mb,
Last Play (Mod, Free purchase) v1.80.apk
Размер: 196.53 Mb,
Last Play (Mod, Free purchase) v1.38.apk
Размер: 114.28 Mb,
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