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Blockman Go is a collection of mini-games that can be shared between players. The game provides a platform where dozens and hundreds of mini-games are collected, many of which are made by the users themselves. For convenience, there is a chat room, chatting and adding friends and other additional features. This will allow you to play together in network modes of mini-games. The latter are created on an internal engine with cubic graphics, but with colorful textures and accurate lighting. The control is adapted to any touch screens and can be convenient on a small smartphone, and a huge tablet.

Game Features

  • Hundreds of mini games of all genres and directions from puzzle to action.
  • Changing character skins, including superhero shells.
  • Colorful cubic graphics with smooth animation.
  • Shared chat and adding other users as friends.
Blockman Go

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Blockman Go v2.87.1
Размер: 691.31 Mb


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