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CSGO Mobile - is everyone's favorite Contar Strike with real people and bots. The player can choose who to play for, terrorists or special forces. Contra Mobile is a multiplayer first-person shooter, a mobile port of CSGO, but for smartphones. The essence is the confrontation between special forces and terrorists on small maps, where battles take place in several modes. For example, hostage rescue, bomb disposal and others.

The mobile version is almost a complete transfer of the original, but with somewhat simplified graphics, while almost all the features and gameplay in place. Two sides are represented and each has unique weapons, as well as common guns. There is a division into categories from knives to sniper rifles. The controls are adapted to touch screens and are not difficult. At the same time, the maps are also transferred in pristine form in its structure, but with some simplifications and cosmetic changes, which does not affect the overall gameplay.

Game Features

  • Mobile version of the famous PC hit.
  • First-person action with an emphasis on teamwork and tactical elements.
  • Accent on multiplayer play in team mode, as well as shootouts with bots.
  • Detailed 3D graphics and believable character animation.
  • Counter-Strike as on PC
  • Huge number of different weapons - from knives to rifles;
  • Convenient location of buttons, so you can quickly perform various actions.
If you need the code:
  • 110101199105066179
  • 110101199105067454
  • 110101199105062637
  • 10101199105067032
  • 110101199105063234
  • 110101199105067737
  • 110101199105062856
CSGO Mobile

Download CSGO Mobile Free

CSGO Mobile v3.8.apk
Размер: 1.77 Gb,


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