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Melon Playground is a sandbox game with a side view and detailed physics. In the game there is no plot or tasks, it is based on the player's creativity. So, there are various items, characters, weapons, buildings, tools and much more. Users can crash everything, shoot the characters, throw them, collide autos and much more. You can play out scenes to record videos, or just enjoy the gameplay yourself without publishing. Also, the characters can be dressed up, give them different items in their hands, use jewelry, and more. Thanks to regular updates, the game expands the possibilities, the amount of content, modes and items.

Game Features

  • Free sandbox, where there are no rules and goals, but only creativity.
  • Hundreds of items, and dozens of characters.
  • Detailed physics of bodies and objects colliding with each other.
  • Sophisticated map creation editor.
  • Two-dimensional graphics.
Melon Sandbox (Mod, No ADS)

Download Hack! Melon Sandbox (Mod, No ADS) Free

Melon Sandbox v24.5.apk
Размер: 142.56 Mb,
Melon Sandbox v18.0.8 (Mod, no ADS).apk
Размер: 81.92 Mb,


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