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Project Morn - private server on Unity engine by Danil DEV, completely repeats Standoff 2, contains many weapons, skins, knives, maps and new game modes.

🛠 Changes:

  • New knife added
  • New Year decoration
  • A lot of new skins
  • Added registration and database
  • Added account bans and phone bans (specifically in private)
  • Improved lighting on some maps
  • Fixed many bugs
  • New regions: "Turkey", "Belarus", "Kazakhstan", "US East".
  • New maps: "ShortDust2", "1v1", "Bridge" and "Province V2".
  • Improvements in the game code, and in the game itself
  • Stretch function has been added.
  • Friends in beta test (you can only find a player by his ID for now)
  • Some updated components
  • New updated maps: "Sandstone" and "Zone9" (there are bugs on them, but I will fix them in the next patch).
  • Added modes: "Sniper Duel", "Duel" and "Grenade Wars".
  • The "Arms Race" mode has also been fixed.
  • The function of applying gloves has been added. Now you can apply gloves yourself (ps: available gloves from 0.14.0 and 0.16.0).
  • Nickname randomizer has been added.
  • Character walking has been fixed.
  • Charging controller on the device has been added
  • Some maps have been removed, for rework
Project Morn - Stendoff 2 Private Server

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Project Morn - Stendoff 2 Private Server v1.5
Размер: 1.49 Gb


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