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Icy Village: Tycoon Survival is a real-time strategy game with survival elements in the city building simulator genre. The events take place during the ice age, and you need to be able to build a settlement, providing the community with everything they need. The point is not just to help a community of people survive in this harsh climate, but to ensure their prosperity. Happiness and prosperity, and all this despite the terrible cold weather. Initially, everything starts at the harshest time, when people and buildings are minimal, and resources for survival are less. You need to think about what and how to do next, how to extract and preserve the necessary resources, what to build from them and so on.

City on the ice

The player has to give different instructions to the inhabitants, and it is necessary to take into account their skills, daily routine and other parameters, including gender and age. The buildings themselves can be of different types. For example, dwellings, warehouse, kitchen, production buildings, barn, farm and many more. So, nutrition, the main problem in the ice age is the lack of food. Initially, you need to hunt to fish, but for a large number of people this is not enough, so you need to come up with other options. For example. Build greenhouses, insulated animal barns and the like. You also need to create and entertainment establishments, for example, bars for recreation and some others.

Mod Features

The modification includes a bonus for a lot of money. This will make it easier to pass, as many building improvements can be purchased immediately, without much trouble.

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Resources

Game Features

  • Isometrically two-dimensional graphics in high resolution, and therefore with detailed drawing of all objects.
  • Simulation of the survival of an entire community of people.
  • Building your own city in an icy wasteland full of dangers.
  • Easy control and simple interface.
Icy Village: Tycoon Survival (Mod, Unlimited Resources, Diamonds)

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Icy Village: Tycoon Survival (Mod, Unlimited Resources, Diamonds) v2.10.2
Размер: 196.25 Mb


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