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Burger Please! is an economic strategy simulator that allows you to manage your own burger shop. The player gets a chance to create the establishment of his dreams and cook excellent burgers for the citizens of the whole city. You can customize the establishment, hire employees, improve the building, expand recipes and create new ones, and much more. The game offers both simple and arcade gameplay, but with elements of deep simulation of diner management.

Create, cook and sell

The player is given a small establishment, a burger store, to expand and improve. Making a bigger building, furnishing the interior, as well as hiring workers and selling more and more food to its visitors. Employees affect cooking, cleaning and maintenance and each has their own characteristics that can be improved, as well as being allowed to fire staff if necessary.

Unlimited growth

The game is not limited to one store, as you can buy new buildings and premises throughout the city, and then the state, creating a powerful fast food chain. And everywhere you need to build, develop, manage and much more. The game has a lot of mechanisms for this, and ways to develop your business. Attracting customers also plays a role, you need to engage in advertising and competently serve visitors, creating the best conditions for their stay.

Modification for the game

ModFree Purchase opens up unlimited opportunities to develop your own burger enterprise, and will allow for unprecedented growth from the very launch of the game.

Game Features

  • Manage and operate your own burger joint and purchase new establishments throughout the state.
  • Renovate the interior, create decor and arrange furniture at your discretion.
  • Ability to hire workers and level them up to improve their skills.
  • Sophisticated user interface and intuitive controls.
Burger Please! (Mod, Free Purchase)

Download Hack! Burger Please! (Mod, Free Purchase) Free

Бургер, пожалуйста v15.0.0 (Оригинал).zip
Размер: 144.79 Mb,
Бургер, пожалуйста v5.0.0 (Мод, Много денег).apk
Размер: 116.57 Mb,


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