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Merge War: Skibydy vs Kamera (Hacking a lot of money) - continuation of the much-loved arcade action in the style of horror about battles with toilet monsters. The player needs to stay alive, facing armies of real opponents. Survival will have to be thanks to television, garden, toilet and other troops. This is an action-strategy in the format of tower defense, where you have to unlock new characters and constantly pump them up. In Merge War: Skibidy vs Kamera there are several mechanics for passing story missions. To cope with enemies, you need to pass the puzzle, in which different types of units are crossed. The defense must be planned so that the enemy can not penetrate to the fence. To win you need to destroy all enemy units.


  • army should be prepared in advance on the playing square;
  • to increase the level, you can combine units;
  • the difficulty increases gradually as the player's army improves;
  • you can choose the best defense strategy against enemy attacks before the battle starts;
  • the possibility of automatic combat with the support of active pause;
  • the main character is gradually upgraded by improving strength, armor and special skills.
Merge War: Skibydy vs Kamera (Mod, Unlimited money)

Download Merge War: Skibydy vs Kamera (Mod, Unlimited money) Free

Merge War: Monster vs cyberman v2.6.apk
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Merge War: Skibydy vs Kamera (Mod: Unlimited money) v2.2.apk
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