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Mechangelion - Robot Fighting (Mod, Unlimited money) - a combination of combat clicker and fighting game, in which you need to fight against robots and dinosaurs of giant size. The point is to improve your robot and try to pass all levels with your opponents, in the end to get to the boss and destroy it. The game has an unusual combat system, which can be controlled in a couple of clicks, but create whole schemes and combinations of actions.

Battles of huge robots and dinosaurs

The game is created for those who adore giant fighting machines as much as they love powerful ancient lizards, because it's rare when they can meet in a brutal fight. You need to control your own robot, which you can choose the appearance, and then the weapon and pump him skills. In the end, the protagonist can become a real machine for destroying other robots, as well as other opponents.

Arena Battles

The game is all about 1-on-1 battles, and you have to look for tactics for each opponent. Several types of punches and blocks can be used, as well as a variety of melee and ranged weapons. There is a boss battle at the end of each level, which is quite different from battles with ranked opponents. The combat system allows you to come up with action tactics, and use them against your opponents.

Mod Features

The game has a built-in store with items, weapons, upgrades and skins for your character. The money mod will allow you to buy almost everything at the start of the game, thus creating the most powerful fighter in the arena. This will make it easier to start the passage and successfully progress to the finals.

Game Features

  • Unusual sci-fi-themed setting combining robots and dinosaurs.
  • An elaborate combat system with a variety of weapons and types of blows.
  • Detailed yet colorful three-dimensional graphics.
  • Control in just a few clicks, as well as an intuitive interface.
Even though the upgrade drawing is not enough
Mechangelion - Robot Fighting (MOD, Unlimited money)

Download Mechangelion - Robot Fighting (MOD, Unlimited money) Free

Mechangelion - Robot Fighting (MOD, Unlimited money) v1.0
Размер: 150 Mb


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