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Brawl Stars is an online multiplayer game, there are many modes in it, both for playing alone and in a team. To win them, you need to observe one of the conditions, which varies depending on the mode. The player has a variety of different characters to choose from, each of them has its own characteristics: the number of lives, the type of attacks, and so on. Some characteristics can be improved by collecting the right amount of special points and in-game currency.

Updated!, released version of the game with 28 - 29 seasons and fighters Clancy & Berry. New maps, skins have been added. The main innovation - MegaBox, fill with friends in the club, the more it is filled, the more valuable prizes.

When the character reaches level 7, he will have the opportunity to use an active ability in the game. New characters, in-game currency, points for improvement, active abilities, can be bought in the store, or they can be obtained from special boxes with a certain probability. Winning games, the player gets rating points – cups. If they are defeated, on the contrary, they will be taken away. When a player reaches a certain rating, he is given a reward: a character, a special box or in-game currency.

What's new:

  • New Event: Classic Brawl!
  • New Brawlers: Berry (Epic) and Clancy (Mythic)
  • Hypercharges: Barley, Piper, Frank, Emz, Angelo, Gale and Rico
  • Brawl Pass Season 28: Gods vs Monsters! (July)
  • Brawl Pass Season 29: Paint Brawl! (August)
  • New Seasonal Game Modes
  • Reworks: Frank (Epic), Meg (Legendary) and Chester (Legendary)
  • Friend & Team improvements, new skins, bug fixes and more!
Brawl Stars

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Brawl Stars v56.274
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