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Magic Brawl - private server for the game Brawl Stars. This is a game of the MOBA genre, which is dedicated to short but complex tactical battles 3 on 3, on compact but well-designed maps. The main innovation of this server is that all characters and skins will be open initially. This will allow to organize more exciting battles, even for beginners and do not go long to open new characters.

There are also minor improvements and elaborations, such as the balance of modes and the like. Otherwise, it is the same old game, where users are waiting for exciting battles. The game offers high-quality three-dimensional graphics, but at the same time all models are made in a simple style, and animations are smooth and pleasing to the eye. The controls and interface are polished to the last detail, for maximum convenience.

Game Features

  • Private server to polar MOBA, with open characters, content and some shenanigans.
  • Addictive gameplay that immerses you in intense tactical battles with an emphasis on heroes' skills.
  • Elaborate graphics in a minimalistic style is not demanding on iron.
  • Easy to master intuitive controls.
Magic Brawl (Private server 2023)

Download Magic Brawl (Private server 2023) Free

Magic Brawl v41.150 (Оригинал).apk
Размер: 266.54 Mb,
Magic Brawl v36.270 (Приватный сервер 2023).apk
Размер: 180.18 Mb,


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