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BSD Brawl is a modification for Brawl Stars that exceeds players' expectations with unusual features and significant improvements. But the most unique feature is the complete freedom to change the camera angle during battles, which allows players to get into the heart of the battle, looking at its details from all possible angles. This feature adds new tactical possibilities and helps to better study the enemy's strategies. The modification also offers access to hidden improvements and modifiers that allow players to gain an advantage in battles. Moreover, the mod offers a safe game, eliminating the possibility of players' accounts being locked.

Game Features

  • Change the angle of view of the camera during combat.
  • Access to hidden improvements and modifiers.
  • Safe game without the risk of account lockout.
  • Ability to invite players without host status.
  • Information about the probability of dropping premium fighters.
  • Convenient and intuitive controls, providing smoother and more accurate interaction with the game world.
.What's new in the mod BSD Brawl 2024
  • All of Miko Keith Larry's latest brawlers
  • Antidetect mod from ban
  • Client version updated
  • New skins and pins
  • Bug fixes, version 2
  • New camera view
  • Map Editor
  • All sorts of improvements
BSD Brawl

Download Hack! BSD Brawl Free

BSD Brawl v56.250.apk
Размер: 701.62 Mb,
BSD Brawl v54.298.apk
Размер: 658.54 Mb,
BSD Brawl v53.176.apk
Размер: 595.04 Mb,
BSD Brawl 51.248 (For modders with the new version of Antiban).apk
Размер: 382.6 Mb,


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