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My Favorite Car (Mod, Unlimited Money) - is one of the good racing simulators with Russian cars. The game offers the user to become the owner of the car VAZ 2106. On this car domestic car industry player will not only ride, but also learn all the charms of its repair. Ride on the car can be on the country roads of the vast Russia. Also in the yard of his house the player can fix the car or make various tuning works.

The world in which the action takes place is open. The player can explore not only his own village, but also its immediate surroundings. In the hero's garage will be all the necessary parts and tools to fix your favorite car. However, the player is not given a ready-made car from the start. He will have to assemble it from the parts he finds in his yard.

Game Features:
  • Open world.
  • Ability to repair and tuning the car.
  • Ability to race on local roads.
My Favorite Car (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Download My Favorite Car (MOD, Unlimited Money) Free

My Favorite Car v1.3.9.apk
Размер: 442.07 Mb,
My Favorite Car (Mod: Unlimited Money) v1.3.9.apk
Размер: 425.83 Mb,


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