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Horror zone: Pipe Head - a gloomy first-person horror game, where you will have to solve mysteries and then fight with the terrible monster Pipe Head. The protagonist goes to explore strange buildings and other places where this monster lives. You need to collect clues and evidence, uncover the mystery of the place, and then try to escape, or take a risk and fight with this creepy creature. Gameplay combines quest and survival, horror with chilling atmosphere, and even has action elements.

Game Features

  • Intriguing and exciting plot, full of mystery and fear.
  • Fearful and dark atmosphere, creating a continuous sense of tension.
  • A variety of locations, from abandoned rooms to ominous dungeons.
  • Puzzles and riddles that require logical thinking to progress through the game.
  • A clever and cruel enemy that constantly prowls the players.
  • Possibility to use various tools and resources for survival.
Horror zone: Pipe Head (Mod, menu)

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Horror zone: Pipe Head v0.327 (Mod menu).apk
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