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Geometry Dash is a two-dimensional platformer with elements of a ranger and a musical rhythm game, which is characterized by hardcore gameplay. The game consists of several dozens of levels, where you need to move forward, making jumps and overcoming traps with obstacles. Each level is built so that, following the rhythm of the music, you can overcome all the traps and get to the finish line. In addition to surviving to the end of the level, you need to collect items, in particular stars, which can be 3. As you pass, the main character cube. can change shape, which changes the style of gameplay. There are also different reinforcements and bonuses. In the game, the story is hidden and is not presented directly, but if you want, on many levels you can find pieces of history.

Game Features

  • Dozens of hardcore levels to complete that can challenge users.
  • Different locations, and unique design of each.
  • Memorable music, perfectly integrated into the gameplay.
  • Intuitive touch control with one finger.
  • Colorful two-dimensional graphics with bright colors and side view.
Geometry Dash

Download Geometry Dash Free

Geometry Dash Lite v2.2.142.apk
Размер: 163.24 Mb,
Geometry Dash Meltdown v2.2.14.apk
Размер: 110.71 Mb,
Geometry Dash World v2.2.14.apk
Размер: 142.74 Mb,
Geometry Dash SubZero v2.2.14.apk
Размер: 111.61 Mb,


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