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My Summer Car is an open world car mechanic simulator with survival elements for Android. The player needs to start small, with his garage, where the protagonist dreams of fixing his own car, as well as start a real business. Everything takes place in a small Finnish town, somewhere on the edge of the world. Around the picturesque nature and mountain roads, and in the city itself not only can be engaged in auto repair, but you need to survive, socialize, eat, dress and much more. Repair is realized in a believable style, and everything is shown in great detail. Auto is given to test on the roads of the city.

Features of the game
  • Detailed simulation of auto mechanic and his life.
  • Plausible repair of cars, and the assembly of cars almost from scratch.
  • Open world with dozens of activities and tasks.
  • Change of time of day and weather.
  • Simulation of life, it is required to eat and sleep.
  • elaborate three-dimensional graphics.
3 versions of the game, one official + 2 ports from different authors. Try it, write in the comments, which version you liked more.
My Summer Car

Download My Summer Car Free

My Summer Car v1.71.apk
Размер: 29.64 Mb,
My First Summer Car (Mod money).apk
Размер: 139.77 Mb,
Mr-summer-car-driving-family v19.0 (Original).apk
Размер: 84.5 Mb,


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