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Teardown (Building Destruction) is a disarmament simulator with elements of bank robbery. Users will be able to explore different locations, where you need to perform different tasks. At first, these are demolition and destruction missions, but later, the protagonist can move on to various crimes, bank robberies and others. The trick of the game is the complete destructibility of the environment. You can use transportation, tools and weapons to do this, which will allow you to destroy everything, including buildings, objects, cars and generally anything. The map can become almost flat. In addition to missions, you can also make your own maps and then destroy everything in your path.

Game Features
  • Robbing banks, as well as dismantling buildings.
  • Using an extensive arsenal of weapons and tools.
  • Transportation, construction equipment and cars.
  • Complete destructibility of all objects on the map, and all by physics.

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Teardown v3.86
Размер: 228.13 Mb
Teardown PC
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