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Instagram is a social network for publishing and sharing photos and videos, as well as for private messaging. The application is adapted mainly for mobile devices, and vertical photos and videos. When posting videos and photos, you can edit the file with different effects and masks, add captions and links, and more. The application has a thoughtful and convenient user interface, and allows you to fully manage the page, monitor statistics and many other data. There is an opportunity to engage not only in entertainment and recreation, but also in business processes, advertising and much more.

Features of the app
  • Advanced social network with a focus on self-expression in photos and videos.
  • Sophisticated design, adapted to all sizes of mobile device displays.
  • Easy to use, dozens of intuitive features.
  • Low program weight.
# Жанр: App / Social

Download Instagram Free

Instagram v340.
Размер: 68.6 Mb


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