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Candy Camera is a selfies app and photo editor in one. Corrective filters, silent mode of operation and even voice calls like in messenger - all this will get everyone who installs Candy Camera. The main feature of this utility is the ability to see in real time what a photo with an effect will look like before it is taken. It is enough to swipe your finger on the screen, change the filter, and the photo will instantly transform, filling with new colors and paints.

Candy Camera's quick editing options

Candy Camera's catalog contains some of the most popular filters for selfies. Some of them only smooth out non-ideal parts of the skin, but there are also those that completely change the photo by making huge changes to the color correction. Filters give the photo an air of magic and fairy tale. In addition to the effects, Candy Camera has an array of editing tools: whitening, mascara, lipstick, blush, smoothing.

These are often used to "freshen up" makeup or hide unnecessary details in a photo. Candy Camera also has a built-in catalog of stickers and stickers for every taste and trend. Be it emojis, popular memes or artistic paraphernalia. The size of each sticker can be resized and deformed. For fans of shared photos or postcards, there is a Collage function. In it, you can combine existing photos into one large one, decorate it and put it in a frame. Anywhere and anytime Candy Camera will help you take stunning photos. To download Candy Camera on Android for free and without registration, click on the direct link below.

Features of the app

  • Huge set of adjustment level filters;
  • Great photo editor with tools;
  • Wonderful stickers and smileys to help beautify any photo;
  • Silent operation mode;
  • Easy to use.
# Жанр: App / Photography / video players
Candy Camera

Download Candy Camera Free

Candy Camera v6.0.90
Размер: 273 Mb


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