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War Machines: Tank Army Game is a third-person tank shooter. Ira allows you to participate in tank battles on compact maps, with different modes and conditions. The game features more than 3 dozen tanks, real models, and there are historical models, and more modern types of military vehicles. Battles are lightning fast and rarely last more than 3 minutes, and during this time there are complex tactical battles. You have to look for weak spots on vehicles, change shells, maneuver and come in from the flanks and rear. The game encourages tactics and teamwork.

Game Features:
  • A mixture of arcade and realism, creates a balanced gameplay.
  • Dozens of maps with a variety of landscapes and buildings.
  • Dozens of tanks, recreated from real models.
  • Dynamic tactical battles and fast-paced combat.
  • Colorful graphics in full 3d.
War Machines: Tank Army Game

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War Machines: Tank Army Game v8.39.3
Размер: 192.6 Mb


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