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Hill Climb Racing 2 is a two-dimensional multiplayer racing game. By collecting gold coins and gems, the driver upgrades and acquires competitive vehicles. By sharpening skills and preparing the car in autonomous adventures, the user can compete in mass races on treacherous, difficult terrain. The collective starts are not simultaneous and are divided into several modes with separate requirements and tasks, in which you can compete with friends from the list.

  • After exceeding speed on a steep incline, you can tip over the car.
  • Dozens of different tracks. Many types of transport. Tuning, modifying and personalising cars.
  • Finishing first out of four in the racing section of the Cups will allow you to move up in the league and open up new competitions.
  • If you take up the challenge, you will have to race against the district record holder and improve your result with the same car.
  • Weekly events offer extreme challenges - for the longest jump or other statistical records.
  • 🏆 NEW! Events - Take part in interactive competitive events
  • 🚗 Cars - Get access to new cars and choose the ones that best suit your driving style!
  • 🔧 Pump - Upgrade your car's engine, suspension, wheels and four-wheel drive!
  • 🔧 Customise - More than 14 unique and pumped tuning parts.
  • Individualisation - Give your cars a unique style and character!
  • ⛰️ Explore - Visit new locations and collect Achievements!
  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 NEW! Teams! - Build the racing team of your dreams!
  • 👍 Unreal Graphics - Optimised for both high and low resolutions.
  • 💗 Social Participation - Challenge your friends to daily and weekly races!
  • 🏆 Competition - Climb the leaderboards, win big challenges and be the first!
Hill Climb Racing 2 (Mod, Unlimited Money)

Download Hack! Hill Climb Racing 2 (Mod, Unlimited Money) Free

Hill Climb Racing 2 v1.61.1.apk
Размер: 205.34 Mb,
Hill Climb Racing 2 v1.59.1 (Mod Unlimited Money).apk
Размер: 329.99 Mb,


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