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StandWeyz1 - is a private server on its own engine, which fully repeats all the functionality of the game and even ahead of the original Standoff 2. All locations, guns, knives and different game modes are available, which are not in the original. Use the built-in cheats for infinite ammo, invisibility, auto-guidance, walking through walls, aimbot and others. Download StandWeyz1 right now and become invincible in the game Standoff on Android!


  • Keychains.
  • Promo codes.
  • New mode "Duel".
  • Changed design from Standoff 2 0.29.0.
  • New collection "Fun Sun"
  • New maps "Ocean Breeze" and "Pool".
  • New maps for Duel mode "Yard", "Temple", "Bridge".
  • Collection with charms "Halloween 2020" (is in promotions).
  • Fixed bug with sound.
  • Fixes minor bugs and improvements.


  • Gold can be earned by playing modes and selling skins!
  • Stickers.
  • Changed design from Standoff 2 0.28.4
  • New "Outcast" collection.
  • New "Chameleon" case.
  • New "P350 Only" mode.
  • New animations for weapons "P350", "M16", "G22".
  • Custom collections "Anime", "Brands".
  • New collections from Standoff 2.
  • New maps "Sandstorm", "Airforce" and "Zona 5".
  • Ability to switch background colors to dark (available in settings)
  • Filters in inventory.
  • Original inspection of skins.
  • Sale of skins.
  • Added more maps in Allies mode.
  • New collections with "Shine" and "Halloween 2019" stickers.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.

To get gold and silver

  • You need to play the modes and at the end of the game you will be given gold and silver.
  • Donate for gold
  • You can also play another private game on Standoff 2 - StandRise and StandAtnik
StandWeyz1 Private server Standoff 2

Download StandWeyz1 Private server Standoff 2 Free

StandWeyz1 Private server Standoff 2
Размер: 1.55 Gb
StandWeyz1 Private server Standoff 2 Зеркало
Размер: 1.55 Gb


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