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Fruit Ninja (Unlimited Money) is a fruit slicing arcade game that features simple but addictive gameplay. There is no story or narrative in the game, but there are several modes, as well as a lot of fruit to slice.

Cut fruit and rest

The essence of the gameplay is simple. Various fruits are thrown up, from bananas to watermelons, which you need to cut with a katana, waving your finger on the screen. If you get to cut 3 and more fruits at the same time, you can increase points, and eventually even earn a new life. Sometimes there are special fruits that can give some kind of bonus, such as slowing down time, more points and the like. There are several such bonuses that can be seen.

Variety of modes

The main game mode is classic. In it, 3 lives are given and the player needs to cut as many fruits as possible, racking up points. Sometimes you may get bombs that will take away lives, and they should be skipped. If you don't cut some fruit, then a life will be taken away. Arcade, the same thing, but given a limited time, for which you need to score as many points as possible. There is also a Zen mode, in which time is also limited, but there are no bomas and lives, the game is for relaxation and rest.

What's in the mod?

Mod, which is installed on the game, dates the ability to get infinite money. This will allow you to buy any maples and other decorations. They do not affect the gameplay, but betray the style of slicing fruit.

Game Features

  • Classic arcade gameplay of chopping fruit with your finger.
  • One-handed, very simple but addictive gameplay.
  • Advanced and colorful graphics in three-dimensional style.
  • Several game modes, which differ in a number of rules, which brings significant variety to the gameplay.
  • Various bonuses during the game, which will allow you to get some advantages.
Starfruit and Gems increase when spent!
Fruit Ninja (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Download Hack! Fruit Ninja (MOD, Unlimited Money) Free

Fruit Ninja v3.66.0 (Original).apk
Размер: 185.91 Mb,
Fruit Ninja v3.66.0 (Mod Unlimited Money).apk
Размер: 158.48 Mb,


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