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Euro Bus Simulator: buses is a simulation of a city bus driver. The game is dedicated to buses in the open world. Everything takes place in European cities, which are recreated in detail and offer live car traffic, as well as the work of traffic lights and police. The player has to become a driver of a modern bus, and the game shows several models based on the real ones that exist in reality. You need to master this profession and transport people around the city, on different routes. When driving, you need to take into account different factors. For example, the speed limit, accuracy of driving, traffic lights, rules, signs and much more. All this gives incredible realism to what is happening.

Take a trip to the cities of Europe

Realism concerns not only the city and its simulation, but also the bus driving itself. For example, the interior of the vehicle is recreated in detail, including the cab and passenger seats. The driving itself takes into account various factors, including weather conditions and surfaces. Management can be customized by choosing arcade style or a more realistic version. In addition to driving, it is possible to organize a transport company. This will allow you to hire new drivers and get more money.

Mod Features

The game has a lot of purchases and some of them take a long time to save up, but thanks to this mod, you can buy any buses from the very beginning of the game.

  • Unlimited Fuel
  • Intrusive ADS Removed

Game Features

  • Fully three-dimensional and huge game world with live city traffic.
  • A variety of buses that can be driven and improved, including painting.
  • Tasks to transport city residents to different points on the map, as well as compliance with rules and time limits.
  • User-friendly and customizable controls for different driving skills. Intuitive user interface.
Euro Bus Simulator (Mod, Unlimited Fuel, No Ads)

Download Hack! Euro Bus Simulator (Mod, Unlimited Fuel, No Ads) Free

Euro Bus Simulator (Mod, Unlimited Fuel, No Ads) v0.55
Размер: 94.7 Mb


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