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Granny is a first-person horror game with puzzle elements. The player has to escape in 5 days from a strange house full of traps, puzzles and constantly haunted by an evil granny of mystical origin. The game offers challenging gameplay, creepy atmosphere and constant tension in every moment of gameplay.

Alone in the Granny's House

The game begins with an unknown protagonist waking up in a house in the middle of the forest, from which there is no exit. This house belongs to a strange grandmother, possibly a witch, ghost or demon, or maybe it's just a madman. You will have to find out who she is as you progress. There may also be other enemies like spiders, Babka's daughters, crows and many others. There are 5 game days, and you must not only survive, but also manage to get out of this house. Each playthrough is unique, as the location of enemies and traps, puzzles and many other things change, presenting new challenges. The graphics combine gritty design and detailed lighting with an overall minimalist and cartoonish feel to the design of the enemies.

Fight for your life

The game has different types of weapons and items that you can use. Some enemies like birds and spiders can be killed, but bosses cannot. The grandmother herself and her daughter are almost impossible to destroy. Gameplay also includes solving puzzles and different types of tasks. So it is often necessary to open another door or something like that. Despite the fact that the events take place in the house, the locations often change. These include different rooms of the building, as well as underground passages and the courtyard.

Game Features

  • A rich story that immerses you in the passage and keeps you intrigued.
  • Atmospheric locations thanks to the design and soundtrack.
  • Graphics that combine detailed environments with minimalist monster designs.
  • Simple and easy to use controls and interface.

Download Hack! Granny Free

granny v1.8.1.apk
Размер: 146.62 Mb,
granny Rus Mod v1.8 (Mod with Russian Voice and Mats).apk
Размер: 115.3 Mb,


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