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Grand Criminal Online is a multiplayer third-person crime action game. Everything takes place in a modern metropolis, and there are several gangs that share spheres of influence and fight each other for them, as well as territories. The player has to choose one of the parties and lead it to victory. Along the way, the police and even the military can interfere. The game is full freedom of action, which means that the user is not obliged to follow the story, he can perform additional tasks and not interfere with the whole life of criminals, focusing on legal activities. However, all the drive and fun is centered exactly on the bad way.

Life without rules

The city is free for everything, and it's up to the player to decide what to do, how to do it, where to go, what tasks to complete. You can just stop everything and take a ride through the streets of the metropolis. The game has a wide range of cars and other vehicles for transportation, up to tanks. You can earn money for completing tasks and various actions. This money can be invested in the purchase of real estate, such as houses and shops, which will give you more profit. In addition, you can buy unique transportation, which is called in the menu. These are sports cars, motorcycles, yachts and even helicopters with planes and tanks. The game offers a huge amount of content and a variety of chips that are opened gradually.

Game Features

  • Hurricane action in the open world on the criminal theme.
  • Single-player and multiplayer over the Internet.
  • Open world with free movement with hundreds of events and activities.
  • Purchase weapons, equipment, clothing and accessories.
  • Transportation management, its theft, or purchase and upgrade.
  • Mod menu will allow you to activate different settings. For example, infinite ammo for any weapon, a lot of money and more.
Grand Criminal Online (Mod, Unlimited Ammo, Immortality)

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Grand Criminal Online (Mod, Unlimited Ammo, Immortality)
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